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For rural Park County landowners, a common and contentious issue often involves disputes concerning trespassing livestock.  Sheriff Scott Steward reminds residents that Wyoming is a ‘fence out state’ for cattle, mules and horses.  “Landowners who prefer not to have livestock on their property are responsible for fencing them out,” commented Steward.  “Traditionally this is due to the large proportion of open range in the state.  Therefore, if your neighbor’s stock wanders into your unfenced private property, the livestock owner faces no criminal penalties and is not liable for the damage caused.” 
Steward stressed that there is no violation of Wyoming state statutes in these disputes and therefore, law enforcement will not get involved.  And while Wyoming is a fence out state for livestock (including domesticated buffalo) it is a ‘fence in state’ for sheep, which are typically under the supervision of a herder.
To avoid the situation of a neighbor’s stock in your garden, fields, pasture and so on, fence your rural property.  If there is as a ‘lawful fence’ separating the properties, landowners can recover actual damages through civil action in the local court or through arbitration.  Lawful fences are outlined in Wyoming’s statutes and include fences constructed well enough to keep out livestock.  

For more information on Wyoming's fencing laws CLICK HERE.



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The Park County Sheriff’s Office learned with regret the death of long-time detention Deputy Robert Brown.  Deputy Brown retired from the department on May 31, 2011 after 28 years of service.  He died on Thursday, August 28, 2014.

Bob was a cornerstone of the department for all his years.  Blessed with a near photographic memory, Bob was able to converse with inmates he encountered both frequently and infrequently while they were under his care.  He was able to recall family members of inmates that he knew in the community, and would use that knowledge to ensure that the inmates knew that they wasn't just a booking number on a wall, but a person that was still a member of society even if they had committed crimes.  He assisted patrol deputies with numerous investigations of ongoing crimes due to his recall of local genealogy.

Bob arrived in Wyoming in 1974 after completing his college studies to become a teacher.  Arriving in Yellowstone National Park he planned on only spending one year in Yellowstone National Park as a seasonal ranger.  However, he fell in love with the area and after speaking with a Superintendent in Yellowstone who advised him that Park County was a more desirable place to live than 90% of the Nation's Parks, he made Cody his home.

During his retirement farewell, Bob penned the following statement: "I have thoroughly enjoyed my career with the Park County Sheriff's Office, and I strongly recommend the job to dedicated professionals who wish to be a member of the team that provides a wide range of important and necessary services to the public."

The community has lost an outstanding citizen and the Park County Sheriff’s Office a good friend.  Funeral services will be Wednesday September 3rd at 10:30 am at Trinity Lutheran Church, 3401 East Sheridan Ave, Cody, WY.

  • Population - (28,702 from 2012 Census iinformation)

• The county seat is Cody.

• The county contains the
majority of Yellowstone
National Park's total area. 


The Park County Sheriff's Office is committed to providing you the public with the information on how we are doing. Keeping the public informed is and always will be something that we strongly believe is important to both us and ultimately the members of the public. We strive to provide that information that is allowed by Wyoming State Statute and will provide performance reports as they become available. Check out our news page which has not only our media bulletin, but shows our patrol statistics by month. (Adobe Acrobat Viewer is required to read the files) Visit to download your free copy. We welcome any feedback from the public on how we are doing.

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