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On Tuesday, September 13th, a bear attacked a bow hunter in Teton County in the Skull Creek area northeast of Jackson.  The victim who is in his 30s suffered bite marks to his arm and a scalp injury, but was alert and breathing.  Wyoming Game and Fish investigators were on the scene looking for tracks and other evidence. They're not sure if the bear was a black bear or grizzly bear but the investigation is continuing. 
Park County Sheriff Scott Steward took this opportunity to remind residents that bears are beginning to forage aggressively to prepare for the upcoming hibernation and county residents should be alert to the presence of bears around their homes at all times especially if they live near bear habitat.  “Just this morning, I awoke to an adult grizzly bear in my own back yard,” commented Steward.  “If a bear enters your yard, retreat back into your home and above all, give the bear an obvious escape route; do not corner it.”
Steward also offer the following preventative measures around the home:

  • Minimize odors and the availability of food rewards throughout your yard. 
  • Put out garbage on the day of pick-up, not the night before. Store in sturdy building or place in a bear- resistant trash receptacle.
  • Do not leave pet food out. Hang bird feeders out of reach of bears.
  • Keep barbeques clean and grease free. Store with livestock/pet feed inside a sturdy building.
  • Pick all ripe fruit from the tree and surrounding ground as soon as possible.
  • Vegetable gardens and compost piles may attract bears. Do not put meat, fish or other pungent scraps in compost pile.  Add lime to reduce odors and accelerate decomposition.
  • An electric fence is an effective way to keep bears out of orchards, gardens, compost piles, and beehives. Follow appropriate safety precautions.
Bear activity in neighborhoods may intensify at this time of the year when they are hungry and bulking up for hibernation especially during drought periods. This is due to the scarcity of natural foods.  Take proper precautions around your home for your safety and the safety of the bear.



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Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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On Wednesday, August 31st, Sgt. Chad McKinney addressed the students of both Powell and Cody High Schools as part of Wyoming Injury Prevention Resources “Battle of the Seat Belt Challenge.”  The challenge is a friendly competition between the two schools to see who can demonstrate their seat belt usage rate is highest.  Also present were officers of the Wyoming Highway Patrol, Powell & Cody Police Departments and Wyoming Safe Communities.  Sgt. McKinney related the story of a 17-year-old Powell High School student who was killed in a single-vehicle rollover crash on New Year’s Day, 2015.  Sgt. McKinney investigated the crash.  The female victim was seated in the front seat passenger side, unbelted when the pickup truck in which she was riding, slid on an icy patch of road, went off into a field and rolled over several times.  The victim was thrown onto the dashboard and crushed by the truck’s roof when it collapsed.  She was the only unbelted occupant and the only one to die.  Sgt. McKinney explained that after completing the investigation, he had to go to the victim’s home and inform her parents of their daughter’s death.  Although this is something that sooner or later every police officer will have to do (deliver a death message), Sgt. McKinney’s message was simple; “Wear your seat belt because ‘I never want to have to notify parents ever again’.”

  • Population - (28,702 from 2012 Census iinformation)

• The county seat is Cody.

• The county contains the
majority of Yellowstone
National Park's total area. 


The Park County Sheriff's Office is committed to providing you the public with the information on how we are doing. Keeping the public informed is and always will be something that we strongly believe is important to both us and ultimately the members of the public. We strive to provide that information that is allowed by Wyoming State Statute and will provide performance reports as they become available. Check out our news page which has not only our media bulletin, but shows our patrol statistics by month. (Adobe Acrobat Viewer is required to read the files) Visit to download your free copy. We welcome any feedback from the public on how we are doing.

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