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The Park County Sheriff’s Office recently hosted a two-day ice rescue course for local search and rescue personnel.  The course titled “Ice Rescue Technician” was conducted by representatives of Rescue 3 International of Wilton, California and was attended by search and rescue personnel from Park, Washakie and Fremont counties.  During the training, Ice Rescue Technician and contract instructor K.C. Bess of Jackson Hole River Rescue was asked if he had any “tips” for local residents to enhance their safety should they choose to venture out on to the ice. 
“First and foremost, anyone who decides to go out on to the ice should always wear a personal floatation device,” commented Bess.  “Any number of conditions, including but not limited to stress fractures, air pockets, or overly fatigued ice can cause otherwise strong ice to give way.  Moreover, ice is always and continually changing.  And without a personal floatation device, the victim will drown within 2-15 minutes, depending on the water temperature, due to loss of voluntary muscle control.”   Bess also recommended that people who venture out on open ice carry a pair of “ice awls” or “ice picks” with them, preferable on a loop hung around their necks.  These devices held in each hand will enable the victim to self-rescue by gripping the ice, allowing the victim to pull themselves up and out of the water.  Bess also recommended the following safety tips:
1) Tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to return;
2) Check the ice thickness and strength safety guides which are available online;
3) If you fall through the ice;
          a) Remain calm and assess your situation,
          b) Swim back to the point where you went in,
          c) Kick your feet to the surface using a strong swimmer kick,
          d) Keep kicking as you pull yourself on to the ice,
          e) As you exit the water, stay low and flat to help spread your weight, and
          f) Roll away from the water towards thicker ice.
4)  If you observe someone fall through the ice;
          a) Verbally tell them how to get out of the water (see above),
          b) Reach to them with an object such as a tree branch, ski pole, etc,
          c) Throw them a rope, if available,
          d) If nothing is available to pull them out, try to get a floating object to them,
          e) Do not go on to the ice or approach the victim.  Call or go for help. 

For additional information on when to know if the ice is safe and additional safety preparedness measures, go to the following website:




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Deputy Bruce Olson officially retired from the Park County Sheriff’s Office on January 24, 2015 after over 35 years in law enforcement.  Bruce started with the sheriff’s office in July of 1981 after serving 3 years with the Powell Police Department.  He spent 2.5 years in patrol before being promoted to sergeant and transferring to the detention facility.  In 1985, the sheriff’s office implemented an overnight patrol position to which Bruce accepted.  Two years later, due to an organizational restructure, Bruce lost his stripes but regained them in 2001 when he was again promoted to patrol sergeant.  In 2011, he accepted a temporary 2-year assignment, representing the sheriff’s office as an investigator for the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigator.  He returned to the sheriff’s office in 2013 where he continued to serve until his retirement.  Bruce attended the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia and served 8 years as statewide coordinator for the Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run.  He is married with six grown children.  Bruce says he thoroughly enjoyed serving the citizens of Park County during his career in law enforcement, and would do it all over again if he could.  In addition to farming, he recently received his substitute teaching certificate and hopes to begin teaching in the near future.  Congratulations to Deputy Bruce Olson for your many years of service and hoping you enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

  • Population - (28,702 from 2012 Census iinformation)

• The county seat is Cody.

• The county contains the
majority of Yellowstone
National Park's total area. 


The Park County Sheriff's Office is committed to providing you the public with the information on how we are doing. Keeping the public informed is and always will be something that we strongly believe is important to both us and ultimately the members of the public. We strive to provide that information that is allowed by Wyoming State Statute and will provide performance reports as they become available. Check out our news page which has not only our media bulletin, but shows our patrol statistics by month. (Adobe Acrobat Viewer is required to read the files) Visit to download your free copy. We welcome any feedback from the public on how we are doing.

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